Walsh Maintenance The House Hotel Kelly's Bar
Walsh Maintenance is one-stop-shop for property and estate maintenance, delivering services from landscaping and cleaning to general caretaking. Our job was to symbolise this broad range of services through one destinct brandmark. (see design process)   Once a trendy, retro super pub, The Living Room was rebranded in the summer of 2009. The new venture, Kelly's Bar, would embrass the essential elements that makes a great Irish pub, while adding its own quirky twist. (see design process)
Localore Lorlum Publishing Catherine Downs Speech Pathology
  The name Lorlum comes from the Donegal pronunciation of the Irish Gaelic 'Labhair Liom', meaning 'Speak to Me'. Lorlum Publishing specialise in the publication of religious stories for children through the Irish language. (see design process) Based in Sydney, Australia, Catherine Downs Speech Pathology work with children and adolescents with complex communication difficulties. A friendly, yet professional identity that appealed to both children and adults was adopted. (see design process)
Suzanne Sheridan Make-Up Just Financial Sercha
Suzanne Sheridan is a leading make-up artist. She was looking for an identity with style. With goals of moving into make-up production, she needed a brand identity that was both strong, and that had lasting power. (see design process)    
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